Greek Orthodox Youth of America

GOYA- The Greek Orthodox Youth of America ("GOYA") is a ministry made up of teenagers ("GOYANS"), grades 7 through 12, of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. There are four elements of the ministry emphasized within GOYA:

Worship, Fellowship, Service, and Witness.

 The Goyans experience worship by attending and actively participating in the Divine Liturgy, Sacraments, serving as an Altar Boy and by attending Religious Education Class.

The element of Fellowship can be experienced by Goyans through Lenten Retreats, Night with God, Basketball Tournaments and Greek Dance.

Our Goyans experience service by volunteering for Goyan activities such as; working at a local soup kitchen and food bank.

The last element of Witness is experienced by the Goyan trying to live their life more like Jesus Christ. For example, reading and studying the Bible, making newcomers feel welcome, teaching younger children about the faith, and letting Christ's love shine through in all that they do.

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