NEA ZOE Committee

Chair: Max Ferentinos
Co-Chair: Jerry Kavadias

Committee Members: Demetre Koutras Jr, Paul Lappas, John A. Mantzouranis, Louis E. Mavromatis, Sotirios Nasios, Nick Pantazes, Andrew J. Recachinas, Matt Tiches, Demetri Tsipianitis, Bill D. Tzamaras

PURPOSE:  This committe is responsible for our current efforts to move our Parish; our "New Life" or NEA ZOE!

The committe will proceed, under the direction of the Parish Assembly and the guidance of the Parish Council, in identifying all of the necessary steps required to move our Church. Some of those steps include: Sale of existing site, Secure site for new church facility, Design of proposed new structures, Construction of new structures, Develop Short and Long Term goals and objectives for the future of the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church of Washington DC.  We always need more volunteers. If you are interested in assisting please contact the church office or any committee member.

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