Narthex & Church Services Committee

Chair: Stelios Tsioros

Committee Members: Jerry Kavadias, Paul Lappas

PURPOSE: Consult with the Priest and assist in maintaining the necessary discipline and respect within the church at all times.

This committee will:

Develop, publish and distribute a duty roster for Sunday morning services throughout the year.

Arrange for “coverage” for special weekly services, Psihosavata, Holy Week, etc. and to ,whenever possible, assistance at funerals and weddings by designated Council Members.

Follow prescribed guidelines for ushering during the Liturgy, and as requested by the Priest.

Supervise the duties of on-duty members regarding the opening and closing of the building, ushering, distribution of bulletins, tray collections, candle stand care, Koliva, purchase of candles, etc.

Involve Parish Organizations on certain Sundays for tray collections.

Ensure that a Council member shall be in Church on Sundays when the doors open.  

Submit monthly reports to the Parish Council on status.

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