Altar Boys Schedule

Serving in God's Altar is indeed an honor. The Altar is called the "Holy of Holies" so this is a sacred place. As Altar servers you are assisting the clergy during services. Altar boys serving in the Altar must be robed and positioned around the Holy Altar Table by 8:25AM each Sunday. If you would like to become an Altar Boy, please contanct the church office.

When serving as an Altar boy You Should:

Always serve when your team is scheduled.

During the summer, all Altar boys in church are welcomed to serve.

Dress neatly and comb you hair.

Hang your robe neatly. If Liturgy has already begun, just quietly put on your robe then take up your position next to the Altar table. (Although you should be in the Altar before the liturgy begins).

Be quiet and attentive (pay attention).

Always listen to your team captain. It is his duty to prepare processions and assign things to carry. He has the responsibility to make sure things run smoothly in the Altar!

While the priest is distributing the antidoron (bread), blow out the candles from the Altar table.

Please make as little noise as possible.

After liturgy, when the priest dismisses you, take your robe off and neatly hang it up in the closet.