Young Adult League

What is "YAL"?

For the development of an Orthodox Christian Identity via a model of four interrelated circles with Jesus Christ as source and center. The mission of the Greek Orthodox Young Adult League Ministry is to lead all persons to the fullness of the Faith and Likeness of God. Consequently, young adults must be integrated into the active life of the Orthodox Church on all levels; Parish, Diocesan, and Archdiocesan; dedicated to serving the Church, its missions and ministries. This is accomplished by living the four characteristics - Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship that provide and promote opportunities to grow are the following:

LITURGIA - WORSHIP - Worship services: Orthos, Vespers, Divine Liturgy and other prayer services. Young adults can participate in: Epistle reading; sermonettes, choir, etc.

MARTYRIA - WITNESS - Workshops: Topical discussions concerned with social/moral issues, Hellenic College, missions, other Archdiocesan institutions. Sharing the faith and encourage development of YAL groups.

DIAKONIA - SERVICE - Projects: Community Outreach, Holy Cross mission workshops, mission canisters, blood drives, etc.

KOINONIA - FELLOWSHIP - Hospitality along with events providing an informal atmosphere

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